5th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year A

In Jesus’ time a ‘covenant of salt’ meant a contract sealed by two people who broke bread together. It signified a relationship meant to last. The two would share openness and love, and seek to prevent harm coming to the other. So Judas’ dipping his hand into the dish at the same time as Christ was a shocking symbol of betrayal of love. By inviting us to become ‘salt of the earth’, Jesus is inviting us to a love relationship with everyone. We are to give a real ‘taste’ of that love, in all aspects of our life, bringing others the true flavour of our faith, and the difference that makes.

The parallel idea in our gospel is that we are also called to be light to the world. Just as salt can only make a difference when it is mixed with other things, light must stand out from its surroundings. We are called to be children of the Light, standing out, showing things the way they really are. Light keeps us from harm, revealing both the dangerous and the necessary. That light shines fully when we stay in contact with our Source.

Salt and light are both necessary to life. I take this thought to prayer.