Cluster Meeting

Cluster Meeting

In the Psalm today (Pentecost) we hear: ‘Send forth your spirit, O Lord, and renew the face of the earth.”

Our upcoming Cluster meeting is the next step in our renewal process as a Cluster.  By the year 2020 we will have 33 priests to cover the whole Archdiocese. Change is unavoidable. What does that mean for us? The Archbishop has asked each Cluster to meet three times this year to discuss exactly that and report back to him.

In our reading St Paul talks about renewal, using the idea of gifts. The Holy Spirit shows Himself in each of our parishes through our different gifts and ministries. This first Cluster meeting is about those gifts. We’ll be asking:

What does each parish offer, in its liturgy, service or community?

How can we make best use of our resources?

What could be shared across the parishes?

What does each parish provide as a stand-alone?

That our Cluster Meeting takes place this week of Pentecost is significant. Please join us this coming Thursday 19th in St Francis Xavier’s church hall at 7pm. Every parishioner from every parish is welcome. Perhaps your idea, the Holy Spirit working through you, is just what we are needing to hear. Please come along, be part of the change.