First Holy Communions

First Holy Communion List

Please click on the above for a list of all the dates and Mass times for the children who are making their First Holy Communion.

First Holy Communion 2020

Firstly, may I thank you for your continued patience and understanding during the past few months. Who would have thought the Coronavirus would have had such an impact on all our lives.  It has been challenging in so many ways and indeed the virus continues to affect the way we live our lives from day to day.

As you know we were due to celebrate First Holy Communion earlier this year, but, due to the virus this was just not possible.  Indeed, even now we will not be able to celebrate this important event in your child’s faith journey in the way we would have hoped.

Of course, the most important thing is that the children can receive the Lord in Holy Communion and I wish to now outline the way in which this will happen in the parish.

I have spoken with the schools and Jean Syme who will do their part to revise and prepare the Children for First Holy Communion which will take place on the following dates in November.


Saturday November 7th 10:00 am at St Anthony’s, Rumford

Saturday November 7th 12 noon at St Francis Xavier’s

Saturday November 7th 2:00pm at ST Francis Xavier’s

Saturday November 14th 10:00am at St Francis Xavier’s

Saturday November 14th 12 noon at St Francis Xavier’s

Saturday November 14th 2:00pm at Francis Xavier’s

You may book one of the above Masses at Please book in the name of the child. Booking begins at 9:00 am on Tuesday 8th September.

There will be a maximum of 10 children making their First Communion at each Mass.

At present we are only allowed a maximum of 50 people in the church therefore each child will only be allowed to have 4 family members with them. (This may change if the Government allows closer to the time) There may be some room for negotiation if some families do not need their full allocation of guests.

All the First Communion masses will be available to watch on livestream.

The wearing of a face covering is mandatory in all churches and places of worship. This is for the safety and protection of everyone.

Due to Social Distancing it won’t be possible for the Teachers and parish helpers to assist the children put on Albs, therefore as a special concession this year only,  the children will not be required to wear an Alb over their outfits. They will however have to wear a face covering.

Everyone is required to sanitize their hands on entering and leaving the church.

We are required to keep a record of names and contact details for everyone who comes into the church.  You will be required to provide these details on the day.

At present we must still maintain a 2-metre distance between people from different households. This rule will apply before, during and after the Mass.

Holy Communion will only be received in the hand and only in the form of bread. Reception from the chalice is suspended.

As per our normal practice there should be no photography during Mass. After Mass you may take some photos, however we would ask that you do so quickly and maintain social distancing.

At all times we ask that you kindly follow the directions of the Parish Stewards who are there to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

I encourage you to make sure that your child has completed all the preparation material which the school or Jean has provided. Likewise, please make sure you take the time to complete all the home sessions as well.

I would hope that every effort is made to make sure that the children are brought to Mass in the weeks leading up to First Holy Communion. If you are unable to book for Mass, please make sure you watch Mass online as a family.

To make sure we have a clear channel of communication can I please ask you to make sure your family are registered on the parish database?

Finally thank you once again for your patience and understanding.  I am confident that the Children’s First Holy Communion will still be a most memorable day in their life, however it is celebrated.


Fr Jamie.