Public Mass suspended

Confirmation has been received from the Scottish Government that Places of Worship should close immediately, NOT Friday as previously communicated.
The question was raised by Anthony Horan at The Catholic Parliamentary Office.

Government communication:

Q. Can we continue with congregations until Friday?

A: It is now a legal requirement to stay at home unless it is essential. The Stay at Home guidance is now in regulations and came into force at 0001hrs today and there is no exemption to attend a place of worship between now and Friday. This effectively means that POW should be closed for both congregational worship and individual prayer with immediate effect. Additionally given the current position in relation to the pandemic the Scottish Government would also discourage more than 5 (or 6, if an interpreter is required) from attending a marriage in a level 4 area before Friday. All associated guidance is being amended now to reflect what will be the regulatory position from Friday. We apologise for the degree of inconsistency in messaging from government but hope that this clears this anomaly up.

Therefore there will be no public 10:00am Mass on Wednesday or Thursday this week.
Apologies for the short notice.
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