Updated Guidelines for attending Mass

Attending Mass at St Francis Xavier’s & St Anthony’s

In the interests of safety, we ask everyone to follow the guidelines below:


  • Entrance to the church will be through the Right-Hand Side Main door ( Door at Car Park Side of St Anthony’s) . This will be clearly marked.
  • On entering the church, you must wear a face mask or a face covering such as a scarf.(Your nose & mouth should be securely covered).
  • Once inside the church you must use the Hand Sanitizer provided.
  • You will be required to provide contact details (Name & Phone Number)
  • A steward will lead you to the next available seating position
  • Please fill the pews from the front to back and from the centre to the side aisles. If you sit at the end in the centre, you effectively block the pew for anyone else.
  • (We kindly ask that you do not use the kneeler).
  • Please follow the one-way system i.e. enter your seat via the central aisle and leave using the side aisles. The one – way system is clearly signposted.
  • For the distribution of Holy Communion please remain in your seat. The priest will come to you. The priest will place the Host in your hand. Once he moves away remove your face covering and consume the Host.
  • At the end of Mass, the stewards will lead you to the exit which is clearly marked.
  • Please remain in your seat until invited to leave by the stewards.
  • Before leaving the church building you must once again use the Hand sanitizer.
  • Once you have left the church building please maintain social distancing.


Other points to note:

  • At St Francis Xavier’s, if you have difficulty using the main steps at the front of the church the stewards will allow you to enter and exit through the side door.
  • To maintain 2 Metre Social distancing the number of people attending each Mass is limited to 50.
  • There is no need to book to come to weekday Mass. You must book to attend the Vigil Mass on Saturday evenings and all Masses on Sunday’s
  • At all times there must be a safe 2 metre distance between people from different households. Both inside the church and whilst waiting outside.
  • Please note that you may be asked to remain in your seat until you can safely exit.
  • The toilets will only be available in case of absolute necessity. Anyone using the toilet will be required to make sure it is thoroughly sanitised after use.
  • As of 8th August, the Scottish Government recommends that if a face visor is worn it must be accompanied by another type of face covering.


  • Remember! If you have any symptoms of Covid -19 such as a high temperature, a persistent cough, loss of taste or smell then you must not come to the church.


Thank you for your patience and consideration of everyone’s safety.

Fr Jamie