St Anthony’s Parish History

St Anthony’s Polmont

New church officially opened on 1st July 1985 by the late Cardinal Gray. This was his last official function and the 40th new church he had opened.

The church and its furnishings:

 Made of a variety of marbles. The word “Sanctus” inscribed on the mensa is Latin for “Holy”. The brass plaque cast in Glynwed, Falkirk is of the Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci) was gifted by         Polmont Rotary.


Gifted by Mrs Joan Campbell and family. Tabernacle made of steel and bronze. On the door are the   chalice, wheat and fish. The chalice and wheat are symbols of the Blessed Sacrament (Bread  and wine). The fish is an early and very common symbol of our Lord: the letters of the Greek word for                “fish” i.e. ichthus were used to summarise the Christian faith.


i              =              Iesus                       =              Jesus

ch            =              Christos                =              Christ

th            =              theou                      =              of God

u             =              uios                         =              Son

s             =              soter                       =              Saviour


During times of persecution the drawing of a fish was a secret symbol that people were Christians:hence we find it frequently in Rome (Greek being the common language) and all round the Mediterranean.

Sanctuary Lamp:  When lit signifies that the Blessed Sacrament is present. The P and X are not the English letters but                again the Greek “Chi” and “R”: XP was the abbreviation of XRistos = Christ and again “XP” was a secret symbol of faith during persecutions.


Dove:     Symbol of the Holy Spirit: It is surrounded by wrought iron in which the points of a triangle protrude from the shamrock, both being symbols of the Trinity.


Paschal Candles:  The great symbol of the Risen Christ, the Light of the World. It stands next to the baptismal font because through baptism we share in the Risen Life of Christ.


Candles:    The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet “A” and “O” the alpha and omega are on the candles thus symbolising Our Lord as the “first/beginning and last/end” as Greek was the first language of the Church.


Candleholders &Lectern:    Have the Celtic Cross included in their motifs. All wrought iron furnishings (candlesticks, lecterns, sanctuary lamp and dove) were made by the late Mr W Wilson from W Wilson, Rumford.


Stations of The Cross:    Sculpted and cast in bronze by Vincent Butler R.S.A. of the Edinburgh College of Art. These were specially commissioned and cannot be copied. The funding was secured for these, thanks to the  efforts of Mrs Scullion, selling her homemade tablet over a period of years.

Stained Glass Panels:  These were rescued from the dump by our then Diocesan Building Officer, Mr Bob Murray in 1976. They were removed from Wester Coates Church of Scotland Edinburgh, when it was being converted  into what are now the offices of the National Bible Society. Facing the altar each panel depicts a Gospel scene and commencing from the extreme left we have:


Front of Church

The adoration of the Magi

The finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

The small boy with the loaves being presented to Our Lord by St Andrew

The calming of the Storm


Rear of Church

Our Lord speaking to the Samaritan Woman at the well

Our Lord teaching the crowds from Peter’s fishing boat

The Last Supper

Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday




St. Anthony

Gifted by the late Lizzie Allison


Our Lady

Gifted by the Ladies’ Circle


Altar Crucifix

Gifted by the late Mr Ciccalese


Altar Chairs & Stools

Gifted by the late Mr & Mrs Robert Mattwich



Manufactured by former Parishioner Mr John Young and supplied at timber cost





Canon T Hanlon/ddurning 1995













/continued 2013 overleaf……………………….














Oak Baptismal Font.


This was purchased to be installed in time for dedication during the 25th Anniversary celebrations of St Anthony’s Church on 13th July 2010.


New Stained Glass windows


The windows depicting The Resurrection were commissioned by Canon Thomas Hanlon, who contacted Stained Glass Artist Shona McInnes to design, manufacture and install these panels above the door on the left hand side of the church. During the installation of the new stained glass windows, Shona researched the origin of the recovered stained glass windows previously installed at front and rear of the church, and whilst not 100% certain the distinct style suggested to her these images were created by Herbert Hendrie (1887-1976).

On St Anthony’s Feast Day 13th July 2011, the new creations were dedicated by Monsignor Philip Kerr, followed by a reception of celebration of both events in the Church Hall.


Diamond Jubilee of The Very Reverend Thomas Canon Hanlon L.S.S., S.T.L., Ph.L


Celebration Mass of Canon Thomas Hanlon’s Diamond Jubilee on 31st March 2012 in St. Anthony’s Parish was a joyous occasion with parishioners joining the guest of honour in the Church Hall for the reception. Ladies of the parish provided the catering and the Celebration cake gifted by the Ladies Guild highlighted the great event with all assembled toasting the Canon achieving this milestone in his life.



Canon Thomas Hanlon 18th August 1927 – 29th August 2012.


3rd September 2012 Requiem Mass of Canon Thomas Hanlon was celebrated. St Anthony’s Church was filled to capacity by parishioners, friends and dignitaries, who appreciated all Canon Hanlon achieved throughout his life, culminating in his vision to provide his flock with an everlasting legacy by the construction of

St Anthony’s Church Rumford – Polmont officially opened 1st July 1985 by the late Cardinal Gray.



ddurning 2013.